We offer a wide range of Server solutions starting from Entry level to High End for different services like Database Server, Application Server, Web Server, Mail Server, Communication Server, Media Server, File Server etc. Whatever your data center requirements are Solutionzit can give you the best solution and provide answers that fit your budget. Through consultancy we will advise the best equipment for your business and configure, install and support it for you giving you a complete IT Solution. Under our support contracts for your equipment you will get yearly audits of the condition and routine maintenance on the equipment.
Firewall Software and Hardware Firewall solutions are both designed to block unauthorized access to computers in your network. A firewall software program is installed on each individual PC it’s meant to protect. To safeguard all your company’s computers, however, each one must have a software firewall installed. This can become expensive and difficult to maintain and support. But, a hardware-based firewall is easier to maintain and administer than individual software firewalls. It protect all the computers on your network.Our firewall security solutions is Combined network and physical security for a more comprehensive approach that meets your needs and that allows you to add integrated protection from hackers, spam, malicious websites, identity theft.We provide secure access to enable workers at home, at remote sites, or traveling to connect to your business safely and securely Secure storage that gives you the flexible capacity to protect and back up data, video, and images and also provide Physical protection to guard your business and your employees from theft, vandalism, and unlawful access.Managed Firewalls are a critical component of any enterprise’s data security structure, and eHosting Solutionzit’s Managed Firewall services have the enviable record of operating attack-free for over four years. Ensuring continued effectiveness is our team of highly-qualified engineers who regularly analyse and inspect the servers as well as manage the firewall.